Review and Production of Instructions

Standards review for manuals (instructions)

For manuals (usage instructions), there are the following for among the typical standards alone:

●SEMI S13:Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines for Documents Provided to the Equipment User for Use with Manufacturing Equipment
●IEC(BS/EN) 82079-1:Preparation of instructions for use
●ISO/IEC Guide 37:Instructions for use of products by consumers
●ANSI Z535.6:Product Safety Information in Product Manuals, Instructions, and Other Collateral Materials
●GB/T 5296.1: Usage Instructions for Consumer Products ‒ Section 1: General Rules
●JIS S 0137:2000: Guidelines Regarding Instruction Manuals for Consumer Products

In addition to these, there is a large number of requirements when the PL Act and standards for graphic symbols are included. We conduct checks to see if the usage instructions and related documentation produced by our clients comply with the targeted standards, do not violate the PL Act, and conform in other ways, then we propose improvements in the form of reports.

Production of manuals (instructions)

As required by the client, we can collect data about the actual product and produce a manual from scratch. If 3D-data (STEP, IGES, etc.) are submitted even before the assembly of the actual product, we can also create technical illustrations and video manuals. For customer wishing us to produce a manual for safety certification, we will create a “Safety Manual” which extracts and reflects the required items for safety and hygiene for the manual. By creating the “ Safety Manual,” we can satisfy the requirements of safety standards, without greatly modifying an existing instruction manual.Moreover, when we undertake safety certification, testing, and other steps, we are able to reflect technical standards data directly in the manual, enabling us to greatly reduce delivery time and costs. Also, we can edit not only MS Word and Excel files, but also Illustrator, InDesign, and other formats for DTP editing. For clients requiring printing, we can take responsibility for everything from the binding and design to the delivery of the final printed material.