Reviewing and Producing Warning Labels

Reviewing Warning Labels

A warning label is a tool for users to be able to be aware of unavoidable risks that still remain in the safety design of a product. However, since the user reading the label must be cognizant of the common content, when creating an original label design, that common content must be verified. Naturally, existing symbols and wording can be used, since taking on the work on the manufacturer’s side can make the process extremely difficult. However, there are strict rules for warning labels, according to the standards applied and type of industry. We check to see if the warning labels our clients create comply with the targeted standards, properly respond to the corresponding risks, and fulfill other requirements.

The following is a portion of the standards regarding warning labels and graphic symbols required for general products and various types of equipment:

• SEMI S1 (Safety Guideline for Equipment Safety Labels)
• ANSI Z 535.1~5 (American National Standard)
• JIS S 0101 (warning symbols for consumers)
• JIS Z 9101 (safety colors and safety marks)
• EN 50419 (WEEE)
• IEC 61310- 1 (Safety of machinery. Indication, marking and actuation. Requirements for visual, acoustic and tactile signals)
• ISO 3864-1 (Graphical symbols -- Safety colours and safety signs Part 1: Design principles for safety signs and safety markings )
• ISO 3864-2 (Graphical symbols -- Safety colours and safety signs Part 2: Design principles for product safety labels)
• ISO7000 (Graphical symbols for use on equipment)
• ISO7001 (Graphical symbols -- Public information symbols)
• ISO7010 (Graphical symbols -- Safety colours and safety signs ̶ Registered safety signs)

Producing Warning Labels

We can undertake everything for warning labels from designing to printing, after reviewing the standards mentioned above. In addition, these can be produced using aluminum, UL compliant products, and various other materials in accordance with the properties of the client’s equipment.