For North America:

OSHA 29 CCFR 1910、NFPA 70/79, UL 508A, Field Evaluation, etc.

For North America: Various product safety evaluations, consulting, and electrical testing

With industrial equipment for North America, the equipment user is obligated to utilize equipment which conforms to 29 CFR 1910 of the Industrial Safety and Health Law. We reference required items of NFPA 70 and UL508A, focusing on NFPA 79 for the electrical safety standards for industrial equipment which is listed. Furthermore, we reference ANSI, ASME, UL, and other North American standards in accordance with the details of the equipment

Field Evaluation (Field Labeling)

Field Evaluation (Field Labeling) is a certification system operated by the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) in each state and city, and the required contents vary for each region. When the equipment conforms to the evaluations, testing, and on-site observations conducted through the cooperation of partner companies in the country or on location in North America, a Field Label is affixed to the equipment and it is approved for operation.

Evaluations and consulting FCC Part 15, 18

On-site site testing or Test site testing and measure consultation
Part 15 established by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) covers radio-frequency devices (information devices), while Part 19 covers equipment for industrial, scientific, and medical use. Testing and verification of the equipment must be conducted, or certification obtained from the FCC itself. The testing measures the noise generated from the equipment.

FDA application on behalf of client for equipment with lasers

As required by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), for equipment containing lasers, it is necessary to apply to authorities to verify that the requirements of 21 CFR 1040.10 of the Industrial Safety and Health Law or IEC 60825-1 have been met.